Making it easier to find the right doctor.

It’s 15 years since the ‘world wide web’ started to change our lives. Over the years since then, we’ve seen revolution after revolution. We can send messages to each other instantly; we can sell our used stuff to buyers all around the world; we can read reviews of everything from cars to toasters; so why is it still so difficult find a good doctor.

Not just your family doctor. Try figuring out where to go for a second opinion on a mastectomy operation, or finding the best onocologists to deal with a diagnosis of Renal Cell Carcinoma. Finding the right specialist is still a game where you must rely on the networking skills of your primary physician; where the information available to you is still largely obtained through word of mouth, and tidbits of information…. “I hear Dr so and so is good in this field…”

And it’s not just patients suffering this problem. Physicians regularly see patients with complications beyond the scope of their expertise, and beyond the scope of their network expertise. How do they find extra help? Well, it’s back to the phone.

ApexMD is the start of an attempt to solve this problem. It hasn’t been solved yet because the path is long, and the solution is not easy, but we are making progress. We think we now have the most accurate directory for finding specialist physicians in the Bay Area.

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