ApexMD Launches the First Website To Allow Disease-Specific Search and Recommendations of Physicians for Rare Conditions and Specific Medical Procedures
December 14, 2009 — San Mateo, Calif. December 14, 2009 – ApexMD , a free search engine for finding and recommending specialist physicians, introduced today a sophisticated search and recommendation tool for finding physicians at top US medical centers. ApexMD is dedicated to improving the cumbersome and disorganized process by which patients with rare or serious conditions find or are referred to specialist physicians at top academic medical centers in the US for diagnosis, treatment or second opinion.
The ApexMD search engine introduced today allows users to search for or recommend a physician using any one of over 22,000 disease or procedure terms. Visitors to the site can search for doctors at any one of the top ten US medical centers as determined annually by US News & World Report or at least one top medical center in each of 11 US geographical regions. Currently, ApexMD allows users to search for physicians practicing at: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, California Pacific Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Duke University Medical Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, Methodist Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, UCSF Medical Center, University of Colorado Hospital, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center,
“ApexMD gives patients and referring physicians a place to start when time is precious.” said Dr. Janeen Smith, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of ApexMD. “Other physician directories and ratings websites do not have information detailed enough to be of any practical use to patients who have been diagnosed with rare diseases or serious medical conditions, such as cancer or disabling illness. ApexMD goes far beyond existing doctor directories and doctor ratings sites by providing detailed physician profiles, a sophisticated search algorithm and disease-specific recommendation for physicians. ApexMD offers patients, advocates and medical staff the opportunity to recommend specialists in the context of specific conditions and procedures. We believe this is a significant leap forward in medical search technology.”

Each physician profile at ApexMD has been built by physicians through a multi-step process that includes analysis of publicly available information on physician training and medical specialization. Each profile is then associated, to varying degrees, with hundreds or even thousands of diseases via the ApexMD proprietary medical algorithm. In addition, physicians can create a new profile or edit an existing profile by visiting and requesting login credentials.
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