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The Future of Specialty Care within Academic Medical Centers

Healthcare reform and a patient-centered realignment are going to transform the healthcare system.  How these forces affect the academic medical center, and particularly their specialty services, will depend on the ability of these institutions to adapt to the new environment and to take advantage of new opportunities. Healthcare reform promises to control cost, at least […]

What do I want from the Society for Participatory Medicine?

  From my blog comment at What do YOU want from the Society for Participatory Medicine? by e-Patient Dave on February 26, 2010 I would like to see the SPM focus on the patient as “team leader”, with their advocates, their physicians, and other healthcare professionals as team members dedicated to better patient outcomes. The […]


ApexMD Launches the First Website To Allow Disease-Specific Search and Recommendations of Physicians for Rare Conditions and Specific Medical Procedures December 14, 2009 — San Mateo, Calif. December 14, 2009 – ApexMD , a free search engine for finding and recommending specialist physicians, introduced today a sophisticated search and recommendation tool for finding physicians at top […]

Specialist Physicians: Relevancy and Recommendation

We at ApexMD are dedicated to improving the cumbersome and disorganized process by which patients with rare or serious conditions find or are referred to specialist physicians at top academic medical centers for diagnosis, treatment or second opinion.  This process can be a time-consuming obstacle to newly diagnosed patients.  Gilles Frydman, noted advocate of participatory medicine and founder […]

Our History and Our Story

Finding appropriate medical care for our patients, friends and relatives has been a way of life for many years.   As a hospitalist practicing in a community hospital in Marin County, California, I frequently referred patients for specialized care to one of the several tertiary medical centers in the San Francisco Bay Area.   I would ask around to my friends and contacts until I got a name of […]


Over the last few months we’ve focused on Bay Area medical centers. Over the next few months, we’re going to start adding medical centers from other regions. Stay tuned.

Making it easier to find the right doctor.

It’s 15 years since the ‘world wide web’ started to change our lives. Over the years since then, we’ve seen revolution after revolution. We can send messages to each other instantly; we can sell our used stuff to buyers all around the world; we can read reviews of everything from cars to toasters; so why […]